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About the company

The company ZVL-Ložiská, s.r.o. has been operating on the market since 1993 and since than its vendors have gained substantial experience in the field of advisory and bearing supplies. ZVL-Ložiská is the largest official distributor of ZVL Slovakia bearings in the Slovak and Czech markets. We also offer a complete range of bearings of our own brands.

Since 2004 the company ZVL-Ložiská, s.r.o. has been a member of the IMET Group.

In 2010, ZVL-Ložiská, s.r.o. acquired ownership interest in the manufacturing company KLF-ZVL Bearings Vlašim.

The company ZVL-Ložiská, s.r.o. provides its own delivery service of bearings directly to the customer.

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The company ZVL-Ložiská, s.r.o. holds several prestigious certificates proving the quality of its processes to ensure proper storage and supply of bearings directly from the manufacturer to you.

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